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Youtube outage by surprise

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

How an outage have disappointed some but for others its back to the basics

The Norm

Every night, my youngest child likes to listen to the sounds of rainstorms as it is soothing and peaceful. The sounds of rainwater, wind, and blizzard sounds provide a mild effect and send him right to sleep. He began to touch each video randomly, and to his surprise, he looked at me with a sense of discomfort, trying to signal that something was wrong and not working. Being an I.T. Professional, I started doing preliminary checks across my network to determine if it was the internet or a specific site issue. After checking all devices, I began to do more tests before realizing it was just YouTube.

The Error

As we sat there ready to listen, I noticed every video was faced with an error message on every video, as shown above. My initial thought was to check the home network to determine if it was an internal issue. I checked every device and encountered the same message before concluding that it’s more than my system, but beyond that on another level. I performed some preliminary functions across the network and found it was only YouTube videos. Finally, I searched online only to find that YouTube has a system outage globally, which has sent people into another level of madness. This outage that lasted over the last 33 minutes has reminded me how much we consume technology.

As previously mentioned in a few podcasts, I’ve revealed how much we use technology across devices. It consumes us to a point where if technology breaks, it causes us to become upset. Technology equipment such as computers and servers break down at times. We have to get used to accepted outages before they happen. While many use YouTube for both media and leisure purposes during this Pandemic, We must have a backup plan when it goes out, which could be the extraordinary art of reading. The average person in the U.S. spends 0.27 hours or 16.2 minutes reading each day (Watson, 2020). Reading to a child has just as much effect on putting them to sleep than digital videos. YouTube having this outage didn’t impact me other than understanding that problems do exist. I’m confident their technical team will handle the situation to return the platform to an operational state.

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